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Natalie. Natalie. Natalie.

This woman and my dearest friend is pure radiant. From her heart for her kids that is never failing, to her goofy dance moves, to her dedication to her family and her love for each person she comes in contact with. Natalie is radiant. Seriously. Any of you know who read her words, or have heard her story. Every word and photo she puts out there changes you. She has changed my heart and challenged me to my core over and over again.

I am so so so utterly grateful to have her in my life. Now get some of her in your life too.



  1. Mariana Herrera Mosli

    I love every one of these images. I feel like I can hear her laughing. She’s so beautiful & inspiring. Both of you, actually. Miss you G, hope you are doing well. God bless! Xoxo!

  2. Brit @ Landlocked Bride

    Stunning. She’s so beautiful! Miss both of you!

  3. Amy Paulson

    Teary speechless awe. Of her and how beautifully and brilliantly you captured the beauty of all that God has made her to be. You captured essence in a way I didn’t know was possible.

  4. Aileen

    I cannot say enough how beautiful this session is. Your photography shines Gina. Your heart is so present. Natalie is just that ~ radiant. This is pure magic.

  5. Kara Wieler

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Beautiful girl, beautiful light!

  6. Victoria Derrick

    Gina, Gina, Gina! …as I finish picking my jaw up off the floor. So very stunning, every one of these needs to be on a billboard! Both of you are amazing!

  7. Christie

    Oh my gosh, Gina! These images of Natalie are absolutely stunning! Natalie, you are truly beautiful inside and out. Miss both of you amazing ladies!

  8. Kailey-Michelle

    these are SO beautiful! on both your ends!

  9. Kent West

    Incredible shots. Seriously, well done.

  10. Emilie

    Natalie is gorgeous! I’ve met her 5 minutes at WPPI this year and I still remember her smile and her beauty! She is a pure soul!

  11. Liz

    Real. That’s all I can say about so much of your work lately. You highlight and bring people’s real selves to the world through beautiful images. Love the warm tones – much needed on a cold day like today 🙂

  12. Kelsey

    Effortless. That is what I think these pictures are Beautiful and effortless. She is radiant, and you capture not only her physical beauty but her inner beauty too. You have a way!

  13. April

    You both are absolutely amazing! These are stunning, xoxo

  14. Marissa

    Seriously!?!? G, I might have favorited every single one of these images! N, you are might beautiful my friend! I love you both!! xoxo

  15. Marissa

    ** MIGHTY. Mighty beautiful! Not might! : )

  16. stacy k

    Beautiful! Love the feeling in theses 🙂

  17. Rachel Boatright DeVault

    GINA! You are amazing. You captured her beautiful spirit and contagious joy–I love, love, love these!!

  18. Lara

    Oh this makes my heart so happy! I love you both so much and miss you more than words this week!!!

  19. Caitlin Sullivan

    Why, I think radiant is the perfect title for this post. Love that you can take N out to the middle of nowhere and capture this.