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Un-Gift Guide

In the craze of this holiday season & gift shopping. I encourage you to think about the gifts that you can give your loved ones everyday. 

            • – A phone call or visit to a family member or friend.
            • -Your time
            • -A post it note on the mirror
            • -Homemade treats
            • -Serve your friends for dinner
            • -A hand made craft (Like this awesome idea :: A jar of appreciation)
            • -Sitting down and get goofy with photobooth or take pictures with your phone.
            • -A hug


You might just be surprised at how your loved ones react when they see the thought and love that went into it. So this year instead of gauging the value of your gifts by the price tags, let your gifts be inspired by intention. 

  1. Liz

    Why do I see myself in these poses? 🙂 Thank you for the timely post Gina.

  2. Lauren

    Yes yes yes! Well said Gina!

  3. Victoria Derrick

    Perfection! Great ideas 🙂 and the girl is a doll!

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