A baby brush

February 15, 2012
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One of my favorite things on the planet is concept ideas for shoots! I probably sound like a broken record, but this work just fires me up SO much. I want to jump up and down on my bed. So, when this pair found out they were expecting, after a long journey, I had to ask if they were up for a crazy fun gender reveal. The last gender reveal I shot was my the brilliant momma’s idea but her out of the box thinking inspired me to get uber creative if I had the opportunity again.

It took a couple minutes of brain storming to connect that Andrea and Alex have been painting, remodeling and flipping houses since they say i do. They even just bought a new home in the last two months. Since all things Home Depot has been such a part of their lives, finding out the gender of their baby via a paint reveal was just the perfect fit. We collaborated early December on this idea and have just been waiting to make it happen.

The day of we arrived at Home Depot where I was handed an envelope from the doctors office. Andrea & Alex went over and picked out a their favorite color swatches and then went to hide a bit while I gave the paint expert the game plan. It took a time or two of explaining to him for him to fully understand what we were doing. Once he understood that he was going to be the first one to know the gender of the baby he was beaming. He even said it was the most interesting and exciting order he had in nine year of working there. He even was so polite to tell us to turn around at certain points of his mixing to make certain we didn’t peek. I specifically told him that I didn’t want to know either. Because let’s face it, I get way too excited and I didn’t want my reaction to spoil anything.

After our can was mixed, we headed back to their home and started talking the prep photos. Kraft paper paint cans, paint brushes, blue & pink ribbon. Soon it was time to open up the paint can. The plan: I would open the can (try to to exclaim, cry or scream) pour in the paint and dip their brushes in all with their eyes closed. Then they would go to town with a couple of strokes to get the color on the wall and pop their eyes open and celebrate.  This sequence couldn’t have been more perfect. I just love the raw emotion in their faces!! It was such a beautiful and amazing set of moments to be a part of.

This was actually done in one of their main living spaces that they are planning to repaint, yet they are going to leave this little momento up for the next couple of weeks for guests to see. I love love love this idea.  A&A I am so blessed to know you both and know that your lil’ girl is just going to be perfect, beautiful and wonderfully made. Praise the LORD! 


28 thoughts on “A baby brush

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE gender reveals!! And how super creative this one is! It is a perfect story to tell that little girl someday! CONGRATS to the parents-to-be!

  2. So adorable! The expressions say it all. I’m calling you up when this happens for us! Congrats A&A 🙂

  3. This made tears well up in my eyes and i don’t even know them but I do know what excitement it is to be a mother congrats to you both and Gina you are amazing.

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