I know I have blogged before about why I love newborn sessions so much. Yet, I have just been overpowered by the emotion in my latest newborn shoots (I have so many to catch you up on) so I am telling you again. These little moments, these first days and weeks are timeless. Completely a gift. I am so honored and just filled each time I photograph one. Thank you to all of my clients that have welcomed me into their home and hearts at such a new stage of life. I love nothing more than to document the beautiful true emotion that is shown on these parents faces. I’ll be sharing favorite images each day from my latest newborn sessions these next weeks, many times it will just be an image or two. Most likely without words, because honestly sometimes words take away from the simplicity of an image. Today. Sun Kissed Cuddles.

  1. Amanda Forbes

    So in love with these images!! Gina you are amazing!

  2. Alissa

    Oh my stars! Thank you again Gina for your amazing gift and photographing James’s first days. I cannot believe how much he has changed since these pictures were taken. I was honored that you would share your gift with us. Thank you again!!

  3. Liz

    Love the composition of these!! xoxo