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June 14, 2012
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Is this what you feel like before a session? Are you nervous? Have questions? Looking to get started into photography? Well this post is for you. I wanted to share my favorite photo essentials in this video. Excuse my mumbles and nerdyness. I hope this helps and if you have more questions after ask below or here on Formspring. Also, check out my mentor sessions if you would like some one-on-one time to answer all your questions or dig into an idea. I have had a bunch of these sessions in the last two weeks and they are just SO inspiring. To see my mentees, walk out of our session and do things that light their hearts on fire. I squeal every time I see a new update or text on their progress. Seriously, like a proud mamma. Anyways…grab some ice tea and hit play!


Photo Mechanic

Black Rapid Strap

5D Mark II

35 1.4mm

Kelly Moore Bag :: Libby

17 thoughts on “Photo Essentials | Q & A

  1. I enjoyed this 🙂 Love your Libby bag, for a smaller version I recommend the B-Hobo, I have it in Walnut and it’s great for everyday just having your camera on you without having a ginormous bag. You’ve got me interested in the Libby though now for travel!

  2. LOVE this. And you! Thanks so much for posting this! I’m renting a couple of lenses for weddings this summer and I will now definitely add the 35 1.4 to the list. So excited to try it out! 🙂

  3. I am so motivated by this! I just got a new camera and the few photos I’ve taken have inspired me times a million! I want to learn SO much more! And how did I not know you offer mentoring? I’m thrilled! I think you’d be a huge help to me, not just for the photography but for big business ideas I have that involve something I know you’re passionate about, too – health and fitness! Woot woot! Gotta get with you about this asap! Love your blog, Gina!

  4. Gina – You are so sweet! Thank you for this video! Although I knew of all of these products (and have a couple myself), it was really nice to see your take on everything. I didn’t know that you don’t have a 70-200! It’s really awesome to know that there is no “right” way to shoot, especially with weddings.


  5. Talk about some great tips, and I’m not even a photographer (as my profession)!!! Gina, you are a rock star!!

  6. Thanks so much, I love hearing what other awesome photographers do and use. Oh and I have the Mimi by Kelly Moore in purple and I LOVE it, it is smaller but still fits an iPad 🙂

  7. I’ve watched this video like three times and I had to come back and watch it again today because i’m thisclose to buying the 35mm but I have paralysis by analysis from reading too many reviews and was like “oh I should go see what Gina said about it again” lol.

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