Someday’s I really struggle with wanting to experience and talk to the Lord. I want to know his thoughts, his plans and why I am so stinkin’ impatient and why my heart is unruly at times (hello old nature).  Sometimes I mistake this feeling for nervousness, being hungry or bored. I have come to the conclusion that most of the time I believe my soul is thirsting for the Lord (great insight after I have tried everything else, right?). I turn to 1,203 other things before I get smack on the head and realize that all I need to do is turn to Him. I don’t need another faith book (even though I love them, especially this one, and they are amazing too) I need to be focusing on THE book. Um, yea that book God wrote? That is still applicable today in this very moment.

Gina (here is the part where I talk to myself). Even though God doesn’t physically live next door, He is there. God can’t hold your hand G, but he can hold your heart and even though it feels lonely at times He is just one step away. See him through others, dig into the bible, even when your body & mind don’t feel like it. ASK for Him for help. See him in Sunsets… through trials and triumph… through tragedy and the aftermath. Remember when you saw these two in California?How present God was?! How much your heart was lit on fire for the Lord when you hugged them?! Their testament proves that God knows best. God has perfect timing and HIS plan is for your good. Remember all the battles he has already fought for you? Remember all the time he has been faithful. Trust. Trust. Trust. 



  1. Liz

    Beautiful writing as always, Gine – but also love the composition on some of these photos!!

  2. leah

    He LOVES you SO much G. And I do too.

  3. Victoria Derrick

    I love your heart. Exclamation point!

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  5. Richelle Hunter

    Oh how I la-la-love your wisdom-filled words. 🙂 xoxo times ten.