Baby in the Woods

July 24, 2012
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…..Well almost baby in the woods. Baby in-momma’s-tummy-in-the-woods. This amazing couple met me on one of the steamiest days this year to capture some of their family of soon to be three. Little did I know when I would ask them how long they had been married, they would reply with “Exactly a year today!” They celebrated their anniversary night with me capturing images of this special time. Honestly how sweet and perfect. So to make their night even better, I had to send them with of my favorite restaurants in the city as a recommendation and even sent them with a exactly what to order list (112 Burger all, Boston Bibb, Gnocchi w/ parmesan reggiano, and of course the Butterscotch Budino) all things before my gluten free/dairy free life I drooled over!  They wrote me later to say it was all so nummy! Alright I obviously need to get started on dinner as I think I am drooling right now.

I can’t wait to meet their little peanut who is expected any day now!


And of course, I can never pass up the opportunity to be a little dorky. So I asked this mommy-to-be if her belly could fit in the tree and we grabbed the obvious “there’s a baby in there” shot.

3 thoughts on “Baby in the Woods

  1. BEST MEAL EVER!!!! aaaand the perfect anniversary evening 🙂 Thank you again Gina, you are indeed a true blessing! We can’t wait to see you again very very soon!

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