May 25, 2013
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Happy Weekend! Live life this weekend friends and love the ones you are with! I am still trying to gain up courage to jump in a lake. While I am doing that, I would love to announce who has won the amazing giveaways. Thank you to all that shared #gzlaunch! You are all so amazing and thank you for you sweet comments and love. You made my month!

Alright now, scroll down to see who has won!

1.The amazing Lara Casey Powersheets! —> Sara Ellis
2. A beautiful gold comb; perfect for beachy waves or a mermaid made by Carlee Sizemore —-> Janet Mcknight
3.The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton. —> Emily Thomas
4. $100 gift card to JCrew —> Kristen Dake
5. Emily Ley’s Great Day Notes and a NEW surprise print from her shop —> Blythe Whitney
6.$50 Etsy Gift Card —> Kristyn Hall
7.$50 Amazon Gift Card —> Emily Steffen 
8 & 9. 2 $20 Starbucks Gift Cards—> Paige W. & Rachel Moger

Winners were chosen by a random number generator. Congrats to each of you that won! If you see your name here please email me your mailing address! WHOO hoo!

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