Sometimes you just need to put momma in a swimsuit and capture naked shower time. I wish I could capture these images for every parent and their babies. Bath time is so nurturing and I love that my live-in sessions naturally capture this view into everyday life.

These images absolutely make my heart squeal.


  1. Emily

    Sometimes, I dream about having babies of my own and getting to have these special moments captured by someone like you (or you 🙂 ). One day, I hope.

  2. LIZ

    The first one, the first one!!! Oh my gosh – LOVE!!!!!

  3. crystal blackledge

    these are precious! Every Mommy should have these.

  4. Sidney Morgan

    Gina, this photos are so so crazy beautiful. You’ve got amazing talent. LOVE your live-in sessions. xo

  5. Jessica

    Just yesterday I was brainstorming how to do this classy and conservative. You nailed it!