September 4, 2013
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My heart has been craving so much SPACE. Open time to just be. To breathe, to think, to sip tea. I am SO disenchanted with the busy of busy. With filling every month to the brim. 100/100 spent. Why do we do this to ourselves? What part of our society made it cool to have no rest?


I am boycotting busy. I am boycotting 100%. I want to live on the principle of 70/30.  70% of life and 30% of SPACE. Space for breathing and time to enjoy life to welcome new faces or projects. Doesn’t it sound delightful?? I LOVE these words from Kristin Armstrong in her amazing book Mile Markers.


“I have enough goals, enough responsibilities, enough items on my revolving to-do list, just like everyone else I know.  If we think to much about what needs to get done, we can stagger under the weight of it all.  Not just what we have to do, but the people who are depending on us to get it done.  We have so many cups to fill that we are like an endlessly pouring pitcher.  Some for you, some for you, here you go honey, hold it with two hands, that’s it…


This is fine, better than fine, I am not complaining, like you I feel blessed to have cups to fill at all.  And blessed in the attempt to fill them.  But the factor we cannot neglect is not so much importance of filling the cups, but of replenishing the pitcher. And this is what finally snagged my heart.  The reminder to all of us to stay filled, to remain connected to our source, to refill before we run dry.  -Kristin Armstrong | Refill


AMEN sister. Refill time. Time to wander, to fill my pitcher so I can be a better wife, photographer, mentor, daughter, sister, friend and follower of Christ. Let’s challenge ourselves throughout the end of this year to not feel guilty about taking time to refill our pitchers. 

  Contax 645 | Ektar 100


23 thoughts on “Wander

  1. Good GRACIOUS these are gorgeous! Being in our weird state of homelessness this season has allowed me to empty my calendar and do things with my husband that fill us up!

  2. Oh what I would give to fill up a pitcher of lemonade and just come soak up some time with you, sweet Gina. So much of what you have written about this summer has resonated with my heart. I think I focused on “getting the next thing done” so often that I lose sight of the beauty that is within this moment that HE created and gave me. Thank you for writing this today- I needed it! Love you.

  3. Wow! Ektar 100 looks so great in your hands. These images are lovely and the words even more so! So so so good and true and needed in this world.

  4. GINA, these are stunning. Julia, you are so lovely! And your words are balm to my soul, G. You’re (both) such beautiful souls and authentic people. MUCH LOVE TO YOU TWO!! 🙂

  5. Gina, these are incredible photos. Just perfection. You know how much I love film and I love what you’ve done with it here. Thanks for sharing your heart and being a huge inspiration to me! Love you!

  6. I have picked up and read and re-read that book a zillion times. Kristin has a real writing voice. But you have a real photography voice – these images are beautiful!!

  7. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!! *high fives* I was talking with a lady that I volunteer with last week that I have a personal aversion to the word “busy” because to me I associate it with no rest/space/time to be. Love you dear!

  8. This spoke right to me, Gina, as your writing often does. Boycotting busy sounds so, so good. I’ve been filled to the brim lately too and honestly, could just cry thinking about it! Weekend after weekend, week night after week night. It’s exhausting – and yes, I crave REST. And, I know I need it. I know I NEED to clear my schedule, start saying “no,” and yes to me time – rest time – but it feels impossible. Like Kristin said, it’s not the cups, but the people waiting on the water… people, being there for people, it tugs my heart. Thanks for this sweet reminder. I’m going to fight for some rest in the coming weeks!

  9. I love the lady in front of the camera and the one behind SO much! You are both so gorgeous inside and out. Gina, I am loving your film series. It literally makes my heart skip a beat and brings a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing your loveliness!

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