Meaningful Mistakes

September 6, 2013
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Yea, that one time that I thought my film camera was broke (and almost had a heartattack) because the film wouldn’t advance? Later to find out it was stuck on multiple exposure button. DUH Gina, rookie mistake.


This is real life people. Yes, of course I love to share my favorite images with you here on this blog, but I want you to see this side too.  The imperfect. The mistakes.  To remember that we all make mistakes, take a bad photo, have a bad day. Because life should be about each one of us connecting on the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the ugly and the pretty, cause that is what life IS. No one is perfect. Don’t compare your worst to everyone’s best.


Love your mess. Love your mistakes. Laugh with me (or at me) and be real. This is the only life you have to live, so don’t pretend or always wish you had more, lived there, made this much money…..etc. Advice I need to read everyday.


Gina, choose to claim today as good enough, a blessing even. With what you have and where you are at this moment, thank the Lord. Think about how much more you have than so many on this earth. Choose gratitude. Choose being real and raw with those you love. Don’t hold back. G, don’t waste anymore time trying to be something your not. That’s so lame 🙂


Y’all will you join me in battling the the lie that everyone else has it together and we don’t. How you might ask? By being honest, humble and real.  Admitting our faults with our triumphs so that we all can see each other as we really are. Imperfect and beautiful. 

7 thoughts on “Meaningful Mistakes

  1. I love this 🙂 I love the term “A beautiful mess”, sometimes we look at this as a negative. But lately my messes lead to wonderful surprises! Have a GREAT weekend Gina!

  2. Your blog and realness and vulnerability are so inspiring. I had a very important meeting (read:interview) yesterday and I prayed and prayed and then afterwards all I could think about were the mistakes I felt I had made. This post brings a light and perspective to my heart. Thanks, Gina.

  3. Gina, to use your words, this post “lights me on fire!” 😉 It’s seriously gotta be one of my favorite blog posts I’ve ever read. THANK YOU for putting real life out on your blog… it is more encouraging than you know and it’s EXACTLY what us blog-readers need to read!

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