Unspeakable Grace

September 18, 2013
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Today I am still hoping and praying that it is the Lord’s will that we will have our own adorable little baby someday. Even if it seems impossible right now. 
Today I am rejoicing and thankful for the Lord’s unspeakable grace in this long waiting season. Grace to be able to photograph maternity sessions and newborn sessions without one ounce of bitterness. (People often ask if it’s hard and honestly no! It’s been such a blessing to just feel pure joy while working. Truly a gift from God)

Today I am celebrating that I am not perfect and will go through trials here on this earth. Trials just like this one that breaks my heart mosts days. Why? Because they are breaking me down, piece by piece to become more like Jesus. To trust Him more. To see Him for who He really is. A good and loving father. 


Today I am setting my hope on God’s plan for our family. Which is bigger than I could ever imagine. I am continuing to reiterate and read in the word that He is good. He is for my good. He is for me. Even on the hardest days, it all has a purpose.


Today I am telling my future self to come back and re-read this truth. No matter what crazy, hurtful things that are happening in my life, to seek God and His goodness. Seek truth, not feelings or what everyone else says. Just seek His Truth. The only thing that matters.


13 thoughts on “Unspeakable Grace

  1. Psalm. 39:12 – continue to wait on the Lord and seek his will for your life. I pray you will be blessed – but may the desire of your heart always be for the one who made you and loves you completely as you are, broken and desperate need of his grace. With you for him, the Stokes from WI 🙂

  2. I love you more than being tan, funny movies, good food, belly laughs, fitting into my favorite jeans, a good cry, the smell of rain in the desert, “finished spaces,” and the stormy sea…all combined. Plus more.

  3. Gine, you are in my heart today. I am reminded of this from Corinthians 13:7-8: Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.

    Sending you love today to help you endure all the trials in your life :):)

  4. You are beautiful inside and out. Giving, humble, inspiring. Your willingness to share this trial and heartache will bless countless people and has I’m sure broadened the sea of friends and followers who will rejoice with you when your family grows. Love you!

  5. Proud of you, Gina, for documenting the hard parts so that one day you + others can see the work of the Lord more clearly. SO SO SO the hardest thing to do in the middle of suffering – your strength to hang out to the truths of the Lord is AWESOME – proud of y’all and continually praying 🙂

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