Great is Thy Faithfulness | Exciting Annoucement

December 22, 2013
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Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23


Oh friends, words can’t describe His faithfulness. His love for us. His love for us this entire time, even the times I didn’t see or feel it.


See if you remember the last update I gave y’all about our fertility journey was an ugly one. September was definitely one of the hardest months in my walk with Christ. I spent a lot of time in tears, anger and just questioning the Lord’s goodness. I just didn’t understand. There was just SO much hurt seeping out if me.


After that post I threw in the towel. To be completely honest I was just so overwhelmed by the hurt that I just slumped down and gave up my hope. In my mind I told The Lord I just can’t even pray about it anymore. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I did everything to not produce hope. I just proceeded to hold onto a bit of my bitterness to help me from falling apart and went on with life, travel and the crazy that would describe my October.


So when you read about when we found out, it was a complete surprise. And while we were shocked and excited out of out minds my heart felt guilty.




I had turned my back on The Lord with this situation. I had given up hope. I hadn’t prayed. And He blessed us with this gift now? I’m so undeserving. I wasn’t “faithful” in my heart to Him and yet we still received this Good News.


And then it HIT ME. It’s like The Lord was saying Gina. This is what MY GRACE really is. This is a perfect mirror to what your salvation really is.


You cannot earn it. IT’S A PURE GIFT FROM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN GIVE IT!! Even when you turn your back in the moment or hold onto your bitterness I am still here. Holding you, loving you. In my faithfulness.


See y’all while we are so completely overwhelmed by the gift of pregnancy. We are even more overjoyed that we have a FATHER in heaven that has saved us by HIS PERFECT, un-earnable grace.


So today we are taking this journey, step by step. Day by Day. Because we know we have a father that no matter the circumstance LOVES US. Even when it doesn’t feel that way, so we are ready to walk the path He has laid for us (which honestly scares the crap outta me sometimes) yet that path is the only way to live!


Join us in rejoicing in this Glorious News & His amazing faithfulness. Baby Zeidler is due July 2014!!!



We feel so blessed! Our little one is due July 3rd just a couple days shy of my 30th birthday! There have been so many beautiful blessings in the timing of this baby that we could have never planned. The Lord definitely knows what He is doing and we continue to hand over this little life to Him and His grand plan. Praying that it’s His will, that we will get to hold this baby outside Gina’s tummy and for a trillion times after that. We are learning each day that we have to continue to fully trust in HIM.

Follow along here for weekly bump updates.

 A super HUGE thank you to each of you that have reached out, said a prayer, sent a gift or just sent your love. We couldn’t have walked this far without each of you. Thank you times a million.

Love, Matt and Gina!

Images by the amazing Leah Fontaine 

49 thoughts on “Great is Thy Faithfulness | Exciting Annoucement

  1. Praising God for this gift to you and your family! Just yesterday something made me pause mid-step and think of you and your journey and say a little prayer that some sweet news would be on it’s way. Such a joy to read this today! Sending love to you on this blessing! Hugs, AH

  2. Oh Gina, when I met you at the P31 conference I felt so connected to you, because my husband and I were going through the same struggles. When I went home I just threw in the towel, and told God to take care of this… Well He did. Because we too are expecting in July 2014!!! God is so good! We are so happy for you and Matt! <3

  3. My eyes are filled with tears. This news makes my heart so happy for you, Gina!!!!!!!
    God is ever faithful. His seasons are filled with grace even when we don’t deserve it- grace is such an amazing gift!
    So much love sweet friend,

  4. Oh Gina! I have been praying so much for this! So, so happy for you! Praise The Lord for his provisions! Can’t wait to hug you!

  5. Oh my stars! He is nothing short of faithful and amazing! My heart ached and I shed tears for you when you shared your struggles at the P 31 conference in October. And now it’s just pure joy! Congrats!

  6. Gina my heart is so happy!! I shed a few tears just reading this post and rejoicing for your news! Truly God is our provider!! Can’t wait to follow along in your journey!!

  7. Sitting here with happy tears for you Gina!! The Lord is so good and I’m so excited for the gift you are carrying. Giving you a big hug right now!

  8. Congratulations, Gina! My Matt and I have been saying prayers for you since you shot our wedding in 2012. God is good! May you be blessed with an easy and healthy pregnancy.

  9. I’ve been following your breath-taking photos on Instagram, then I started reading your blog and shared with everyone else the truly tough times you have both been through this year with struggling to fall pregnant which is such a blessing and something that’s taken for granted by many. I can’t tell you how warm my heart is reading your ecstatic news! Wishing you all the love, happiness and joy throughout your pregnancy from all the way in Cape Town, South Africa

  10. Oh Gina! I just cried for you! So happy to be reading these words. His is so good isn’t he?! He gave you time to calm your heart so you could welcome this joy into your heart. I cannot wait for you to feel baby move and have all the beautiful moments you so deserve! I love you so much! Show that bump off pretty lady and hug it every second! Xoxo merry Christmas

  11. Lord I thank you for all the gifts you give to us. This precious life Gina is carrying is such a blessing. I have joined the many who have prayed long and hard for this special couple. Oh Gina my heart cried out with joy at this news. Tears fell as I read your words. To God be the glory! I love you Gina. Best. News. Ever.

  12. Amazing news! Amazing photos! You look amazing! Your family looks amazing! God is so, so good. Best of luck in these first few weeks with exhaustion & sickness. The very best part is just around the corner. 🙂

  13. Tears of joy for you and Matt and a dance party for one of the sweetest and most genuine gals I know! Enjoy every bit of this pregnancy and your time with Matt preparing for a little one to join your family. What a wonderful gift to two amazing people, my heart is just so happy for you two that I keep tearing up when I write you a note! 2014 is going to be such an amazing journey for you both! xoxo – KT

  14. OH!!! Gina, I have been thinking about you so much over the past year and I am just thrilled for you!!! Love and blessings surround you all!

  15. God gave you one of the greatest gifts and I wish you all the happiness in the world!
    Merry + Merry + Merry Christmas and congratulations on being a MOM already!

  16. G, I am filled with so much joy for you and Matt right now!! Such happy news! Merry Christmas to you and cheers to an amazing 2014!! Love you!

  17. I have such an incredibly full heart for you. Tears of joys being cried for you and Matt right now. You’re going to make fantastic mama to that little peanut. Sending you two much love! xo

  18. I’ve been thinking of you lately & this news warms my heart. Sending lots of love, prayers & blessings your way. God is so good and always on time. Muaah xoxo P

  19. Congratulations! I have felt pain for you as I’ve watched you go through this journey and heard you talk about it, with such honesty, at MTH in March. I could not understand or imagine the depths of your emotions and how hard of it journey it truly must be…and am overjoyed and so excited for such incredible news! Congratulations over and over again to you both…I pray everything goes smoothly!

  20. G. This makes my heart so happy! I have spent so many nights praying and am thrilled for you and Matt. You are going to be the best mommy!

  21. Oh my, congratulations!! I just happened to stumble upon your blog from your Instagram and you’ve captivated me with your big heart and your love for our Savior! Reading this reminded me of the how good He is! We are going through some difficulties right now, but we know everything is possible with Him! Congratulations again, so happy for you!! God bless.

  22. “All that you’ve needed His hand hath provided”. So happy for you and Matt. God is truly faithful. I’m rejoicing with you all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. Hugs

  23. I had such a good feeling for you a few days ago and prayed that good news would come your way. I’m so grateful to God for this! Praying that His peace will guide your hearts as you trust in Him and He gives you peace that surpasses all understanding that is new every morning. Congratulations Gina!

  24. Ohhhh I just saw the news!!!! I have been following your journey through your blog and I am so happy for you! Motherhood is the most amazing gift- you will revel in it!! God is good, when? ALL THE TIME!

  25. dear gina,

    i just found your website today … just last night my husband and i were singing that song in our kitchen … we chose it as one of our wedding songs 3 years ago … the past 3 years have been filled with many valleys, most outside of our ‘control’ and the last 3 months of 2013 were incredibly difficult … however …His faithfulness never fails … i can not believe how different this year has already been … as if gifts from heaven are falling in our lap … sometimes it is so hard to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel … but He is always there … you and your husband must be elated … glory to God

  26. Gina, this is such wonderful news! Congratulations to you and Matt! It’s so exciting to see God work through our lives and do what we don’t expect and what we can’t control, yet more than we could ever hope for. It was a joy to meet you at MTH in October and I am so thankful that meeting brought me to see this moment and get to smile so big for you and for God. Much love!

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