Meet Mackenzie

January 22, 2014
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Y’all meet this wonderful, amazing, talented, beautiful and gracious woman, Mackenzie. This gal is my Office Manager! She is has been here since August and helping things on the backend moving and shaking, she is honestly the best! As you know from my last posts, my mission right now is SPACE. More space to create, to have more time with clients, more time to prep and brainstorm. Bringing a consistent office manager on my team has been a goal for awhile now and the Lord just provided the perfect puzzle pieces to bring the amazingly talented Mackenzie here. I am SO utterly grateful to have her! So sad she will be leaving me for college in late August, but until then. Everyone say hello to the amazing Mackenzie!!! I’ll also be on the lookout for someone to fill Mackenzie’s part-time position in the fall. So if you feel like you would be a good fit. Drop me a line!


4 thoughts on “Meet Mackenzie

  1. I’m assuming this is probably not a “virtual” office manager position? Because that would be a DREAM. I’ve already committed to move to California to be a nanny until December, so I wouldn’t be able to be a shop manager in person, but if it a virtual thing, then I am totally interested! If its not a virtual position, I have the perfect girl for the job and I’ll send her your way!

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