January 29, 2014
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So often I walk into my clients homes and my jaw drops. I just love seeing where my clients spend the majority of their time. Their home base, their everyday. Not only does this inspire me to the core, it just makes me want to live and love with more intentionality. This family has been in my life the past 4 years and just seeing them grow and live different homes……..I just feel so amazed, grateful and fired up to be really doing my dream job. A job where I can show up as an old friend. Where I am buddies with the big brother and excited to cuddle his new little sister. To hug his mommy and daddy and tell them how happy I am for them. How much of a joy it is to be here. This is what client experience is all about for me friends. Capturing this.

 PS. I want to nominate Marlo’s parents to re-decorate my entire house. They are SO talented and have made so many of the pieces you see in these images! SO blessed to know you W family!

I love this image because it’s so hilarious and real. Sometimes during newborn sessions we have a hungry little sister and a full of energy awesome big brother! Plus the pup in this image. OH I just love it! 

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