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September 17, 2015
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Mom bodies, it has a crazy connotation right? The stereotypes of mom jeans, fanny packs and hair in a pony tail comes to mind.

Instead of listening to the message of needing to be tiny and comparing ourselves to the magazine. Yet, I think there is a small revolution starting about honoring the mom bod.

But embracing it’s capabilities of the mom body. Thank them for sustaining children through birth, through the all night care, through the long days. When I was approached by Twin Cities Mom Blog to do a B&W series (shooting along another sweet local photographer). The project was photographing all different mom’s and celebrating their mom bodies in front of my camera I jumped a the chance.

Nothing makes my heart happy more than rewriting the negative scripts we have on what we believe our bodies should be and love on what they are in this season of life.

Meeting and photographing each of these women was remarkable. Hearing their stories at all different stages of motherhood, but yet the thing that caught my heart strings the MOST was watching the bricks of worry and fear of their body image fall the MOMENT they catch the light in their child’s eyes, as they were playing tag or having a tickle fest, no one was concerned about sucking in or posing perfectly. No one was worry about having duck lips or the perfect hair. It was two days of full joy celebrating that exact moment. The moment that I wish we all would or could give our self and our bodies grace to live in each day….

The moment we stop worrying or feeling shame over our bodies and CELEBRATE & USE THEM for what they were made for.

Loving children. Singing Itsy Bitsy. Carrying toddlers. Being listening ears. Being a playmate.

So PLEASE I beg you go on over and read the most powerful words from each of these mothers at the Twin Cities Mom Blog or their instagram account and enjoy their more of their images below. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |  (I will link and post more images as each of the posts come out) Thank you sweet women for being bold and inspiring all of us to be the beautiful women we were crafted to be.

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