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September 22, 2015
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HomepageFeatureWhen Emily told me she was wearing a pink wedding dress, I couldn’t quite picture it. But friends, this dress, THIS DRESS, couldn’t have been more perfect. I almost fainted when she put it on. It was remarkable. It set the tone for the day.

Emily and I met years ago when I taught a workout class at St. Thomas, so of course I was overjoyed when she emailed looking a photographer for her engagement and wedding. She always had this spark of joy about her and I always loved her style! I remember seeing her proposal photo on social media and I squealed. Like she was my little sister or childhood friend.I have just always wanted this girl to be happy oh so happy!  One of my favorite parts of planning with Emily was her saying that her theme was “I just want the everything to be romantic, but still fun and silly like us.” This my friends is the way to plan, keeping it all about you as a couple.

That is exactly how the day went. Fun, silly and beautifully romantic. Emily & Sean were up for anything photowise and trusted me in this crazy new little photo spot on the river! I just love the coloring and how the details of the day just popped there! There were so many incredibly intentional details. Definitely my favorite detail was the bouquet that was full of brooches that were gifted by her close family and friends. Throughout the day different family or friends would come up and locate their brooch that they gifted. It was such a fun connection piece!

One of my favorite parts of the day was during the ceremony Emily’s veil was glistening. Like diamonds. SO. MANY. diamonds. It had small gems throughout and it was incredibly gorgeous and such a memorable moment. Another favorite was the wedding party just loved this couple. The speeches and the genuine laughter and tears that were shared at dinner were full of so much authenticity and Emily’s dance with her dad definitely was enough to make me cry.

Emily & Sean your wedding day couldn’t have gone more perfect and I am so pumped I had the privilege of capturing your love story. So many congrats and much love! Enjoy!

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Bridal accessories | Veil and Halo – Toni Federici Earrings – Kate Spade

Bride’s shoes | Tory Burch Rose Gold Flats

Hair/Makeup | Reflections Family Salon 

Bridesmaids dresses | Allure – Wedding Shoppe

Florist |  My Mom

Cake/dessert | Wuolett Bakery 

DJ |  Studio Veil 

Caterer | Lost Spur

Invitations/designer |  Kryzer Design – Angie Kryzer 

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