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February 5, 2016
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The first time they noticed each other was in a college class near the end of the semester. Chris was headed out west for the summer and after their first time spending some time together, so he proposed an unconventional idea. Before becoming friends via social media and texting he asked Stephanie if she would take the summer to write letters to get to know each other instead of media. They wrote many, many letters  back and forth and slowly but surely deepened their love story.

Y’all what an AMAZING legacy these letters are. What an amazing almost unheard of way of courting. These two are remarkable. Their hearts so on fire for the same things and just ready for this next step in life. After hearing their story I knew, KNEW we had to include their books from the class they met and of course these letters into their engagement photos.

It was so incredible to see these memories, Chris’s letters all uniform and sturdy and Stephanie’s fun different colorful cards filled with colorful words. I was all set to blog their wedding that was on New Years Day this year, but I just couldn’t go a step further without sharing their amazing story.

Enjoy & Be inspired!St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0011St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0012St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0013St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0004St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0009 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0003 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0005 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0006 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0007 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0008St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0002 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0010 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0014 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0015 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0016  St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0018St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0017St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0020 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0021 St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0024St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0023St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0019St.Paul-Engagement-Photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography0022

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  1. This is special Gina! My parents did the same thing (due to lack technology) and my husband and I also did something similar (though not as elaborate). My parents catalogued their correspondence in chronological order and began reading them to each other when my dad found out he was sick. It was a wonderful journey back through their lies together and they both realized things about each other that they had thought the opposite of (for example my mum didn’t think she was a wonderful mother, but she realized after reading her letters that she actually did a pretty good job as a solo parent for a lot of time!). Looking forward to seeing these wedding photos!!!

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