Chris + Lauren | Married

February 23, 2016
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A rustic chic winter farmhouse wedding in Minneapolis

One of my favorite parts of each wedding I photograph is witnessing the mix of emotions throughout the day. Nerves, excitement, love, joy. It’s what makes every wedding unique. Chris and Lauren’s day was full of so much joy, tears and straight up adoration for one another.

I teared up many times watching these two embrace, meet eyes down the aisle, or just sneak in a peek at one another during dinner.  While Chris and Lauren had the most beautiful rustic chic winter wedding details honestly their love was enough to make it special. Literally they could have been in their pajamas and we would have gotten amazing images because of their joy for each other and amongst the families for this couple! It was so fun!

Y’all this wedding was one for the books. A private restored farmhouse on a private property set the stage for Lauren’s vision of  LOTS of candles, very romantic and intimate. This couple loves their people well. It’s crazy inspiring and I hope you feel inspired also as you scroll through these images to love your people bigger. SO much excitement for the new Mr & Mrs!

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Reception Location :: Private Property

Wedding dress designer/store purchased: Festivities, Bridal Accents Couture

Bridal accessories : Etsy, Bridal Accents Couture

Bride’s shoes: DSW

Groom suit by J. Hilburn – stylist Jennifer Shinners

Hair/Makeup: Hair- Katie Sweno, Level Salon, Minneapolis

Make-Up-Desiree Greybill, Lancome, Nordstroms

Coordinator : Jody Wermers

Florist : Festivities

Cake/dessert: Rosa’s Bakery

Caterer : Ryan Dodge

Invitations/designer: Megan Merry

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