Emily Ley Live in Session & Headshots

If you follow me over on Instagram, you witnessed the oversharing of my recent trip to Florida to visit my bestie, THE Emily Ley. I went there to take new headshots for her upcoming book about grace over perfection. Y’all, I’m just so proud of her! From Target errands to sparkles, Emily is the real deal. A sweet momma and a rocking business owner. She is so incredibly inspiring.

It’s crazy awesome to see what the Lord has done. And how our lives, businesses and families have grown through the past 7 years. I still can’t believe the path my life has taken since that first Making Things Happen in 2009 and it’s been a blessings to have Emily walk beside me through so much of it.

This woman y’all, I am sure you know it but she is just so talented and has such an eye for beauty, design and helping anyone get organized! I was able to meet her sweet Brady only about 3 weeks after he was born and photograph my first live-in session.  So I couldn’t wait to get to squeeze these twins and photograph their everyday in their sweet new home!

What a treasure to be welcomed into the home of this family and spend some time documenting the day to day of the Ley family for the long weekend! Enjoy these images and look for some to hopefully appear in her book coming soon!

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  1. Vickey Weiss

    Ok… These are AMAZING!!!

  2. Jessica

    These are fantastic! That Target photo is EVERY mom (other than the twins) EVERY week. 😉 Coffee in hand, reading labels, kids, kids, kids. Love it!

  3. Abby

    These are absolutely gorgeous! You have captured so much emotion, expression and love in these images.

  4. Lara M.

    These are such wonderful photos!!!! What a beautiful family you are!

  5. Em

    Gina, these are fantastic! Beautiful and real!

  6. Glen

    Oh Gina! These are some of the best images ever!

  7. Megan Kelsey

    Ohhhhh I just love how you capture these in-home family sessions!! Seriously what beautiful memories to have!