Heart Infusion

August 16, 2011
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This week I have really taken note that for me to authentically write I have to infuse myself prior or during my writing. It helps me to drop in and write from my heart by doing something that feeds my heart. Either a workout, in the bath, outside on the patio or in quiet time is where my writing flows the best from. Often when I “sit down” to write in a work setting. I get frustrated. I go blank. I can’t put my sentences together.

So pay attention this week. I encourage you to try and take note of the little things that make you enjoy your day just a little bit more. Find ways to infuse yourself. Whether that means email in your favorite chair, replying to fb in the pedicure chair, listening to a great song while cleaning your home or sitting on the rooftop in NYC with a glass of wine.

Experiment. Try a new thing or two. Get fancy.

You deserve the extra effort, because the more you infuse your heart, the more your heart infuses your work. Simple as that. 

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