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August 17, 2011
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One thing you have to know about me on a wedding day….. I am completely passionate about serving my bride and groom. In other words, I don’t want you to worry about timeline, the flow, the details. I don’t want you to worry about an single thing except for getting lost in each other and enjoying your perfect day. I love to walk my clients through their wedding day with ease and help with the flow of the day.

Today I am going to attempt summing up my advice on the mid-wedding STOP. The one where you transport to the reception and along the way you might stop for alcohol, photos, potty breaks.

Transportation :: This is a big, big, big one. When transporting from Ceremony to Reception, I recommend with my whole heart that you get one vehicle that everyone will ride in together. I know, that sometimes this can be an added cost that you don’t think you need, but take it from me who only had a mile drive between my ceremony & reception. I wish I would have done it. I have been to one too many weddings where cars get lost, parts of the wedding part stops for this or that and it just creates chaos. Also, when choosing a vehicle. I really only recommend a limo bus or something of that nature. Where you can stand up.  The lighting is so much better with the full windows, everyone can easily see each other and move around. Lastly I believe that it gets overlooked how hard it is for the bride and her maids to crawl up in a limo car in their dresses. (Also, remember coolers or to ask if the limo company serves water on the ride over, and get your drinks before hand so you don’t need to make an extra stop on the way. Another mini tip, if you are all riding together, try to eliminate the most cars left at the church. Talk about this ahead of time and it will save lots of time the next day!)

Music :: Music can make or break your ride. First off ask the company you are renting from what type of hook up they have ipod, CD etc. Then choose a bridesmaid or groomsmen that you trust completely to make an amazing mixx up for you. It adds so much more fun to the ride when you are signing along to your favorite music and I selfishly admit that I love jamming out with you can be one of my favorite parts of a wedding. It just brings me back to the years of bus riding for sports and singing at the top of our lungs.

Time :: This one is all a matter of game plan. Decide what time you would like to be at your reception. Figure out the travel time from Ceremony-Reception. Subtract and you will know how much time you have to work with. This will help you decide where and how much time you have when you stop.  If you have an hour or two, then one or two stops would work just nice. Decide what your priority is during this time as well. Do you want more photographs with the wedding party? Then use this time for that and stock the vehicle with plenty of drinks so that you can use the time wisely. Is your importance on stopping at a bar or two? Then find the perfect location. That is what is next on the list.

Location :: Try to brainstorm up locations that you will want to stop at. Ask your photographer for recommendations. Look up the addresses and have them sent to your drivers beforehand. Find a bar or restaurant on the way with a little character or specific meaning to you as a couple. My couple below did an awesome job of this. I loved the coloring at the restaurant we stopped at. I was crazy inspired when I walked in because I had so much to work with and everyone loved being there. It matched perfectly with their colors and feel, some of my favorite mid-stop photos I have taken yet.

Just my two cents on the mid-wedding STOP. Let me know your thoughts, questions or ideas and if you are interested in hearing more of my cents about all things wedding and enjoy this awesome wedding.

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