These are the moments that I am overwhelmed with gratitude that this is my job. Yesterday was my three year anniversary of leaving my full time job. Wow. What a blessing. Sure there are bad days and good days of being self employed. Yet, creating like this trumps all the hard stuff. I just love walking away from a session with a happy heart and full camera. Knowing I gave my all in serving my clients. Thank you to each of you that have invited me in to your world, homes and hearts to capture moments like these in the last six years. Each of you have brought me here to this moment today, by believing in me. Thank you, with all of my heart thank you.      

  1. Annie Johnson

    Congrats Girl! 6 years is a huge accomplishment. Keeping doing what you do! xoxo

  2. Nicole

    Gina, these are amazing!!! The ring shot is so creative and this couple looks so relaxed and in the moment! Amazing! 🙂

  3. Caitlin Sullivan

    Gina I’m DYING over here. Your best work yet!

  4. LARA

    These are so sweet and perfect! I love every single one! I love you G : )

  5. Amanda Porter

    these images are stunning!! One day I’d absolutely love to be photographed by you… you pull the joy and heart from people and I’d love to see me captured that way!! congrats on making things happen, feeling that fear of leaving and doing it anyway 🙂 you inspire me

  6. LIZ

    LOve LOve LOve!!! And I love that we have been so blessed to be one of those clients. So much more in store for you G!!

  7. Emily

    Remember how your old site had a “vote as favorite” option? Kitten tugging at skirt would be mine for this post, sooo sweet G!

  8. Julie S.

    These are stunning!

  9. Emily

    The kittens! I’m dying over the kittens! These are FANTASTIC, G!